Friday, May 12, 2017

World War Two Memorial Prayer

Dear God,

Please help the World War 2 veterans to be honored for their bravery in heaven and on earth. They fought the evil of Hitler, to protect the Americans. They fought through D-Day, Pearl Harbor, and many more historic battles to protect the rights of our country. Let us offer up any daily struggles we have in their memory. Let us never forget their bravery in keeping our nation free. Help us to remember these veterans who put it all on the line for us, like how Jesus died to forgive our sins. For their souls in Heaven, those still alive, and for their relatives and friends that their sadness may be lifted by the prayers of so many. We thank them for their service in God's name, let us pray.


The World War 2 memorial is a very special memorial to everyone from the United States that did their part in the war. All the veterans laid their lives on the line for our freedom and making a memorial for them is the least we could do. It was the first national memorial for all who served in World War 2. This memorial is located in Washington D.C, our nations capital. The memorial is 7 ½ acres big and 4 million people visit this site per year.

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